World Business Women was created in 2020 and brings together women from 5 continents with one clear goal – to advance women in business by creating a matrix of ideas to highlight our united vision of business women positively impacting the world economy, as entrepreneurs and in corporate life. For example, WBW Day 2021 focused on the impact of Climate Change on women in business, while 2022 explored Women and Technology. In 2023 we asked 'If you had the key to global power...' where each international group offered ideas for women in business everywhere.

Highlighting innovation and opportunity and sharing best practice between nations with the purpose of widening female participation in the enterprise ecosystem and expanding women’s involvement in business Emphasizing the huge contribution women make to the global economy, as entrepreneurs and as business leaders

Making durable global connections between women and sharing ideas for women’s enterprise to create a tangible action plan to advance and support women in business. Practical steps women in business take for themselves, rather than waiting for Government to intervene.

WBW Global Ambassadors act as  Champions working with us worldwide and in their home nations to promote the vital role of women in the economy. Celebrating business women in every aspect of the world of work and the positive impact women make on enterprise, to encourage more women into business at all levels and across all sectors and industries.

Establishing an enduring dialogue between women of the world both through WBW and the WBWCaucus, our bi-monthly series of interactive global meetings. 

Key participants deliver a 3-minute Speed Keynote to ensure diverse and exciting views

Thanks to awesome WBW Speakers, Panellists and Session Chairs  (in speaker order)

Dr Ama   - Elle Exxe  - Janet Martin  - Seema Goyal  - Runa Magnusdottir 

Dr Rina Newton  - Marina Niforos -  Antonella Ragona - Lisa Gus  

Margaret Rice-Jones   - Isabella de Michelis - Deborah Leary  OBE 

Debbie Assinder  -  Sharonjit Clare  - Lora De Felice 

 Hon Patrica Kenneth-Divine  -  Sheetal Mehta Walsh  - Helen Milby   

Gurshinder Sidhu