Following overwhelmingly positive feedback, alongside World Business Women's Day, WBW Caucus hosts bi-monthly global meetings. Bringing together business leaders for collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking. Creating prime opportunities to connect with key influencers on vital issues for business around the world. Now these insights from the world's leading business women will be published in the first world business women's confidence Barometer.

With its regular global gatherings of inspiring business leaders, WBW  is actively engaged and committed to taking collaborative action to promote and support women in business across cultures, sectors and nations.  Delegates exchange proven ideas from their own country, to create shortcuts to tangible outcomes by adapting/flexing strategies from one nation to the next.

Its a privilege to join with international leaders to share ideas and inspiration for ways to encourage and support the world’s business women both as business owners and in corporate or public life. 

The ideas that come out of the discussions are creative, pragmatic, and attainable.  A Report follows each meeting so that women's ideas go directly to global Governments, policy makers, academics and business leaders.  The group's unique insights  are shared as part of the WBW Barometer.

Key participants deliver a 3-minute Speed Keynote to ensure diverse and exciting views

The next #WBW Global Event is on June 11, 2024

 You're very welcome to Join us!